Who are we?

How we got here and where we are going

The innovative idea came from one of our founding members and was straightforward: create an online location and means for the professional man to purchase a custom made shirt that fits flawlessly. 

Since then we have expanded the concept to encompass and cater to the recent graduate, business professionals, and casual dressers. We also intend to have an offering for ladies as well very soon.

Our focus is long-term and we are already exploring offering custom suits through our existing tailors. So far we have been able to identify the best selection of fabrics and designs for our shirt offerings and the selection continues to increase. We are very proud of the simplicity we have created for the process, and continually improve it based on feedback we receive. We have also done a thorough job of using ourselves as subjects and have carefully refined the process to cover any possible request and need our customers require.
The timing from first measurement to delivery and wear has been streamlined and we are excited to expand our operations.

We have the best technologists on staff and they are continuously ensuring that the online process, whether on computer or smart mobile device is seamless. This forms the basis of our success and why we are able to scale our business and maintain a small team, thereby passing on reasonable pricing to our customers. We are working on social shopping, taking advantage of social media, social network recommendations and building a robust ecommerce platform. 

We are brand ambassadors and are helping building each of our customer’s personal brands in the offerings we provide, from collar styles, cuff variety, monograms, contrast cloths…and on. Each of our customers can create their own style or use style selections of others as a foundation or base for theirs.